Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rho Pi Chapter

Located south of campus with many of RPI’s other Greek organizations, The Rho Pi chapter moved into the house in 1956 and they haven’t looked back. Since being built in the 1914, the house has its fair share of legends and lore, including being the address on the second ever driver’s license issued in the United States! 

While renovations and improvements have taken place over the years, several large scale chapter led projects give the house a ton of character. The house has an expansive first floor, with a several multipurpose spaces and a commercial kitchen. Each bedroom is unique and many contain decorations from inspired past tenants. There is also an original coach house outside that is used for storage, but the dream is to one day renovate it into a functional space for the chapter!

Front of House

The Basics

  • 17 Bedrooms – Mix Of Single And Doubles 
  • Numerous Bathrooms Upstairs
  • Several Single Bathrooms Throughout House
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Monitored Fire Alarm System
  • Whole-House Fire Suppression System


  • Multi-Purpose Main Room
  • Communal Dining Room
  • Parking Lot Located Behind The House
  • Large Wrap-Around Front Porch
  • Volleyball Court In Front Yard
  • Central Steam Heat
  • Free-Use Laundry In Basement

What’s Included

  • Rent
  • Utilities
    • Electric
    • Gas
    • Water/Sewer
    • Trash
    • Internet