Request Monthly Auto-Pay

Esponda Associates Inc. offers a payment plan that runs automatically monthly instead of a lump sum payment made prior to the year. You will not be able to add a payment plan to your account until the housing agreement has been signed electronically. Ideally, we will divide the total balance due for the year by the months remaining on the Housing Agreement. All unpaid charges for the year will be added to the payment plan. The monthly payment plan will include any/all charges on the account.

We offer payment plans that are charged on the 1st or the 15th of the month. There are two options to pay through the payment plan:

  • ACH (direct transfer using checking and routing information), free of charge
  • Credit card, you will be charged 2.2%-3% depending on the credit card per monthly transaction

Please provide any additional information/requests below. Please do not provide any account information through this form.