Esponda Associates Request for Release

The standard housing agreement covers the entire academic year and is a binding contact for all semesters/quarters, unless previously arranged in writing with Esponda Associates.

In order to be considered for a release from financial obligation, please complete all of the applicable fields below, check the appropriate box, and submit information/documentation. Completing this request is not a guarantee of release from financial obligation. Requests will not be considered unless Student is current on all payments and financial obligations to Corporation.

Requests will not be considered unless proper documentation is provided (study abroad contract, co-op placement form, graduation forms, etc.). If request is approved, you will be emailed a confirmation to the email address you have submitted.

Per the standard housing agreement:

The request for release does not guarantee that Student will be released from their financial obligations per [the housing agreement]. At Corporations sole option, Student may be released or shall remain responsible for up the the full rent guaranteed by Agreement.”

Students whose rent is abated by Corporation may still be held accountable for a pro rata share of  the unrealized annual rent based upon the annual occupancy expectation set by the Corporation. Students will receive their Security Deposit, less any damage charges, in check form at the conclusion of the term of the signed housing agreement. Students shall not be held responsible for damage that occurs during semesters/quarters that they are not occupying space.