Housing Rules and Standards

The rules and standards contained in Addendum 1 of the Standard Housing Agreement can be found below. These policies apply to all Esponda properties. Relevant property-specific, state, and local rules and standards can be found in Addendum 3 of the housing agreement, so be sure to check your Housing Agreement for any and all additional polices.


Student shall act in accordance with the ideals, oath, ritual, and policies of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity. Student shall act kindly and respectfully towards their fellow members of Chapter, their guests, and the guests of others. Student shall strive to maintain an environment where they and their fellow members of Chapter can achieve their potential.

Student shall not infringe on the peaceful enjoyment of other Students, fellow members of Chapter, or their community and shall not make or permit any noise, odor, or light that is objectionable to other occupants of Premises or neighbors. Student shall not infringe on the right to privacy. Student shall strive to be a good neighbor and community member, which shall include, but not be limited to, compliance with local laws and ordinances.


Student shall not engage in excessively risky behaviors, nor shall they allow their guests to engage in these behaviors. Student shall not engage in, or allow others to engage in, any fighting or inappropriate touching. Student shall receive and maintain clear consent from any partner before engaging in and during any sexual activity.


Student is responsible for the conduct of their guests and visitors and is liable for any consequences due to their actions. Overnight guests are allowed only with the consent of roommates, if any. Long-term visitors or guests (three (3) nights or longer) are prohibited, unless they are brothers of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity and have permission from Chapter and Corporation or its agent.


Student shall endeavor to promptly resolve any and all interpersonal conflicts with other Students using all reasonable courses of action including, but not limited to, personal interaction, use of Chapter processes such as mediation by the Brother-at-Large and Judicial Board, use of University mediation services, law enforcement, and engagement of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity staff and volunteers. Corporation is not liable for damages to Premises or personal belongings resulting from interpersonal conflicts. Corporation has no obligation to mediate or otherwise be involved in any interpersonal conflicts.


Student shall respect others rights of property.

No personal items of any kind, including furniture, are to be left unattended or stored in shared spaces, mechanical rooms, or basements of Premises without written permission from Corporation or its agent.


Common areas of Premises may be used by Corporation, its agents, Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi Foundation, and Chapter Alumni for events and/or meetings for the benefit of the House Corporation, International Fraternity, or Fraternity/Chapter Alumni, at Corporation’s sole option.


Areas designated specifically for religious or educational use shall be used exclusively for those qualified activities. These include but are not limited to study halls, member education meetings, membership training and workshops, leadership meetings, religious practice or study etc. The aforementioned areas of Premises may not be used for any kind of social or recreational function.


Hazing or abuse of members, new members, potential members, or guests is illegal. The Agreement may be immediately terminated per the terms of Section 19 “Default” at the sole option of the Corporation if Student is found to be involved in or complacent with hazing activities.


The use, possession, production, and/or distribution of narcotics and/or illegal drugs is prohibited on Premises. The cultivation and/or distribution of marijuana is prohibited on Premises. The underage use, possession, production, and/or distribution of alcohol is prohibited on Premises.

Any and all alcohol kept on Premises by anyone over twenty-one (21) years of age shall be stored in a secure location inaccessible to any person under the age of twenty-one (21). The use, possession, manufacture, and/or distribution of any alcohol above fifteen percent alcohol by volume (15% ABV) is prohibited on Premises regardless of age. The use, possession, and manufacture of any paraphernalia or binge drinking devices is prohibited on Premises; Corporation reserves the right to immediately remove any such items or devices.


No weapons of any kind are ever permitted on Premises, whether owned or obtained legally or not. This includes, but is not limited to, guns, flame throwers, swords, axes, hatchets, knives (except eating and cooking utensils), ammunition, fireworks, explosives, bb guns, air rifles, slingshots, bows and arrows, pepper spray, Tasers, or anything else which might be considered a weapon.


Student shall make good faith efforts to promote fire safety. All persons shall vacate the building in the event of a fire alarm or fire drill and are expected to coordinate and take part in regular fire drills during the academic year. Corporation will not tolerate Student setting fires of any kind. Use of fire pits, candles, the burning of incense, smoking, or any other hazardous activity is prohibited at Premises.

Smoking and vaping are NOT permitted in any area of Premises or within fifteen (15) feet of building.

The use of items which are known to create a fire hazard including, but not limited to, fire pits, hot plates, hotpots, candles, incense, and decorative string, rope, and strip lights (including those marketed as fire safe, temporary, or easily removable) is prohibited. The regular use of space heaters is also prohibited, but space heaters may be used in emergency situations only, and only with permission from Corporation or its agent.

Student shall not use equipment which exceeds the safe capacity of the electrical wiring. The permanent use of extension cords and multi-outlet adapters of any kind is prohibited. All power strips are required to be Fire Shield types which are specifically designed to detect both series faults and line-to-neutral faults.

Student shall not obstruct, or allow others to obstruct, hallways or egress at any time. Hallways and egress shall remain free of trash, furnishings, or debris. Student shall not prop open, tamper with, or modify fire doors or door hardware located in halls and stairways.

Student shall not possess or store any flammable chemicals including, but not limited to, oil based paints, solvents, alcohols, and fuels inside Premises. Student shall not allow for the excess accumulation of flammable materials. Student shall not store items near any furnaces, water heaters, or mechanical systems. Student shall not store or park motorized vehicles or equipment, including electrical vehicles, inside Premises, regardless of whether or not they contain fuel. Any motorized or electric vehicles found inside Premises will be removed immediately for safety reasons, the owner (or Students collectively if no owner can be identified) will be notified, and any costs of removing the vehicle from inside the Premises will be charged as damage.

If Premises is equipped with a centrally-monitored fire alarm system, Student shall not cover, remove, or otherwise tamper with smoke detectors, or allow others to do so. Student shall not attempt to disarm fire alarm system or tamper with it in any way. Student shall notify Esponda Associates immediately of any trouble signals or alerts coming from alarm panel, or of any damage to fire alarm system. Student shall notify Esponda Associates immediately of any false alarm, and Student acknowledges that any fines assessed to Corporation related to false alarms caused by the acts or negligence of Students or guests, will be charged as damage.

If Premises is equipped with an automatic fire suppression (fire sprinkler) system, Student shall maintain a minimum clearance of eighteen (18) inches from all fire sprinkler heads, shall take care not to allow anything to come into contact with sprinkler heads, and shall not attach anything to or wrap anything around fire sprinkler piping or equipment. Student shall not attempt to disarm fire suppression system or tamper with it in any way. Student shall notify Esponda Associates immediately of any damage to fire sprinkler heads or piping, and of any water coming from heads or pipes.

Disciplinary action will be taken against those found creating fire hazards, blocking egress, tampering with fire alarm mechanisms, fire extinguishers, or suppression systems, or otherwise violating the policies contained in this section.


Student shall not go on any roof or awning nor access the roof or awning regardless of interior access or ease of exterior access, unless approved by Corporation or its agent or in cases of emergency egress from Premises. Student shall not allow guests or visitors to access the roof or awnings, except in cases of emergency egress from Premises. Access to certain other areas of Premises such as mechanical rooms or commercial kitchens may be limited by Corporation and shall not be accessed by Students. Corporation may limit access to vacant bedrooms at Premises, and any damages to vacant bedrooms will be treated as damage to a shared space per the terms Section 3 “Security Deposit”.


Student shall not alter, reconfigure, or install aerial antennas, satellite dishes, wiring of any kind, internet equipment, HVAC, plumbing fixtures or components, electrical systems, roofing, ventilation, kitchen equipment, major appliances, flooring, or fire safety systems without prior written permission from Corporation or its agent. Decoration changes and improvements, including paint and interior design of Students’ rooms, are required to meet the requirements of Corporation, and must be approved by Corporation or its agent in writing, which shall not be unreasonably denied. All approved improvements, additions, or alterations will become property of Corporation if left in place at Premises at the expiration or early termination of Agreement and shall remain at Premises with no compensation to Student. Changes or improvements made to Premises without written approval from Corporation will be considered damages.

Student shall not attach items to doors or public area walls of Premises. Student shall not attach or install large items on the walls such as TV mounts, shelves, or other items that require large holes or structural bolting. Student shall not install dart boards anywhere at Premises, or allow others to do so. Student shall not decorate using stickers or other permanent adhesives. Student shall not hang or install any decorations on ceiling. Student shall not cover light fixtures, smoke detectors, or other ceiling mounted equipment. Student shall maintain a minimum clearance of eighteen (18) inches from all fire sprinkler heads and shall not attach anything to or wrap anything around fire sprinkler piping or equipment. Student shall not install or use any item designed for use on doors or doorframes on any door or doorframe including, but not limited to, doorway mount pull-up bars, over-the-door mirrors, and over-the-door storage. Student shall not build any stage, platform, or loft; nor shall they allow such items to be built without written approval from Corporation or its agent.

Student shall not, nor allow others to, use materials that may adversely affect Premises as decorations at any time including, but not limited to, sand, foam, fake snow, smoke, splatter paint, mud, or food products. The cost of repairing any damage to Premises as a result of the failure to adhere to this policy, including any cleaning necessary to remove such materials from Premises, will be charged back to Students as damage.

Students shall not install or display any exterior facing signage without prior written permission from Corporation or its agent, which shall not be unreasonably denied.


Student shall notify Corporation or its agent immediately in the event of any infectious illness occurring or spreading at Premises. Student is responsible for notifying Corporation or its agent if they themselves contract such an illness. In cases where Premises requires disinfection or sanitization due to such an illness, Student shall give full access to Premises to Corporation or its agents for such purposes, including bedrooms. If any Student(s) are found to be causing the spread of an infectious illness within Premises due to their actions or negligence, Corporation may, at their sole option, charge cleaning costs to Student(s) as damage, along with any other damages incurred by the presence of the illness.


Student shall be up to date on all vaccinations appropriate for their age and be able to present records of such to Corporation or its agent upon request, which shall be added to Student’s resident record. Corporation reserves the right to remove any Student found not to have appropriate vaccinations from Premises.


All pets are prohibited in Premises.


Recreational or decorative water features of any kind such as, but not limited to, slip and slides, hot tubs, pools of any kind or size, decorative water fountains, fish tanks, ponds, dunk tanks, or recreational sprinklers are not allowed indoors under any circumstances, or outdoors without prior approval from Corporation or its agent.

Water-filled furnishings such as, but not limited to, waterbeds are not allowed.


All food and beverages must be stored in sealed, air tight containers. Student shall take care not to create conditions that attract rodents, insects, or other pests or encourages the growth of mold, mildew, or other microbial organisms.


Student is responsible for cleaning up after themselves (e.g. mud tracked in, spilled food and drinks, trash, etc.). Student shall keep their assigned room in sanitary condition. Each room is subject to inspection with twenty-four (24) hour notice from Chapter House Manager, Corporation, or Corporation’s agent(s) or designees.

All trash shall be discarded in a proper trash receptacle, both inside and outside of the building.

While Chapter’s House Manager or other leadership may help to coordinate all building and grounds cleaning, Student is expected to take part in regular cleaning and maintenance duties and ensure that Premises is maintained in good and clean condition. This applies even when a janitorial service is employed by Chapter or Corporation. Chapter Executive Board and House Manager may set policies and procedures for day-to-day cleaning and “work days,” which Students are expected to comply with.


Corporation shall provide one thorough summer cleaning and/or financial assistance for a work week to take place before the academic year begins. Chapter leadership may be responsible for scheduling the cleaning and making sure that the cleaning crew has access to all areas that need to be cleaned. This may require strategic planning for those moving in and out of rooms.


Any repairs shall be reported to Esponda Associates through the maintenance request form which can be found online at https://www.espondaassociates.org or through Rent Café. Student acknowledges that it may be necessary to hire a contractor or vendor to make repairs and that some repairs are subject to the availability of parts and labor. All maintenance requests must be submitted to Esponda Associates. Corporation is not liable for requests made directly to local vendors hired by Corporation, third-party property owners, alumni, University, or Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity staff.

Chapter and Students shall be responsible for stocking supplies and changing light bulbs that can be safely reached at Students’ cost. Any such costs that are paid by Corporation may, at Corporation’s option, be charged as damage.

Student shall alert Corporation or its agent of any and all deficiencies or concerns noted by guests, inspectors, vendors, etc. Failure to do so may, at Corporation’s sole option, result in Corporation charging, as damage, any costs incurred due to delays in repair or correction. This includes, but is not limited to, fines charged to Corporation, re-inspection costs, additional monitoring costs, and/or additional repair costs due to added decay.


Student shall flush toilets and urinals after each use unless a stoppage is observed. Student shall not flush anything except for bodily waste and toilet paper down toilets. If normal stoppages occur, Student shall be responsible for plunging the toilets and reporting any issues that cannot be resolved by plunging.

Student shall not use bathroom sinks, water fountains, or other drains that are not meant for solid waste to wash dishes or for similar purposes. Student shall report any/all slow drains. Students shall be held responsible for any clogs and related damage that occurs due to misuse or abuse of plumbing fixtures.

Student shall not install bidet devices or similar attachments on any plumbing fixtures at Premises, or allow others to do so.


Student acknowledges that certain types of mites, ticks, and parasitic insects can be passed between people or animals and that such organisms can often be found on living on objects/materials commonly found in Premises. Any Student(s) found to be the source of an infestation of any such organism due to Student’s actions may, at Corporation’s sole option, be charged the cost of any/all necessary remediation work including fumigation. Such organisms may enter Premises through contact between people or animals, or by their presence on things like luggage, clothing, used furniture, etc. Student shall not bring used plush furnishings such as couches, upholstered chairs, or mattresses from second-hand stores, online postings, or other unreliable sources to Premises. Corporation is not liable for any damages to Student or their personal belongings stemming from the presence of any such organism. Corporation further reserves the right to instruct Students to dispose of any belongings from which any such organisms cannot be removed and remove them from Premises.


Student acknowledges that mold spores are part of the natural environment and mold may grow indoors when conditions allow. Student acknowledges the necessity of housekeeping, ventilation, and moisture control (especially around plumbing, heating/ventilation/air conditioning systems, and exterior wall surfaces of rooms) for mold prevention. Student shall inspect Premises and notify Corporation or its agent of any observed mold or mildew. Student shall periodically inspect Premises for leaks and shall immediately report any that are found to Corporation or its agent. If mold is found to exist due to misuse or neglect by Student, the cost of testing, repair, and remediation shall be billed back to Student as damage. Except in instances related to evidence of water/moisture damage to Premises not related to misuse or neglect by Student, Corporation is not responsible for the costs of mold testing, either directly or via reimbursement, but may, at its sole option, choose to pay for such testing.


Students living at Premises must have a fully completed and signed Agreement on file with Corporation. Student’s failure to file Agreement with Corporation may result in removal from Premises, fines, and/or legal action.

By signing Agreement, Student acknowledges that they have read, understand, and agree to all of the terms of Agreement.


In accordance with the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity membership agreement, all Chapter members shall live in the Chapter house located on Premises unless excused due to Premises being at or above appropriate occupancy level. Corporation will determine the appropriate occupancy level and shall notify Chapter in writing of this level and when they may release members from this obligation. Chapter will determine who shall be released based on Chapter’s fair selection criteria.

If Chapter occupancy is lower than the expectation set by Corporation, Corporation reserves the right to charge Chapter for lost revenue.


Assignments and room changes will be handled by Chapter’s Master and House Manager and shall be promptly reported to Corporation or its agent. Room assignments will be made according to Chapter’s fair selection criteria. Student acknowledges that rooms may vary in size, amenities, and design features and that rent will not vary between rooms for any reason other than the number of Students living in room. Corporation reserves the right to change rooming assignments, either before or during the term of Agreement, for reasons related to Students’ wellbeing, medical needs, repair needs, or due to under occupancy of Premises.

Where Premises does not have bathrooms for each room or pair of rooms, any rooms with private bathrooms, to include Presidential or House Director Suites, shall be picked or assigned last. If Premises is under occupancy, these rooms shall be left vacant, unless given prior written approval from Corporation or its agent for them to be occupied.


Room keys and locks shall not be changed by Student and all keys shall be surrendered to Corporation’s designee at the time of termination of Agreement. Failure to do so will result in the cost of a replacement lock being charged against Security Deposit.


Student and Chapter shall not install or allow others to install any vending machines of any kind, temporary or permanent, at Premises without prior written approval from Corporation or its agent. Corporation reserves the right to remove any vending machines installed without prior approval.


Students and Chapter shall not enter into any written contracts for goods or services related to and to be rendered at Premises without written approval from Corporation or its agent. This includes but is not limited to employment contracts or contracts relating to food service, janitorial service, utilities, events, recognition agreements containing property related provisions, laundry machine rental, and other equipment and furnishings rental.


Student acknowledges that all Corporation-owned furnishings, fixtures, and equipment including, but not limited to, speakers, televisions, furniture, dishes, drinkware, utensils, etc., as applicable, are the sole property of Corporation, and that Chapter and Students have no ownership of, or right to, them. Any Corporation-owned furnishings or fixtures that are damaged, lost, or taken from Premises shall be replaced and billed as damaged. Any Corporation-owned furnishings or fixtures found in bedrooms will be inspected and either: a) returned to the correct location in Premises if in good condition, with any cost of such will be billed as damage to residents of that room, or b) replaced, with the replacement cost being billed as damage to the residents of that room.