California Polytechnic Institute

Sigma Omega Chapter

Located a half mile from the Cal Poly football stadium and less than a mile from the Robert Kennedy Library in the heart of campus, the Sigma Omega chapter house is the perfect place to get work done or enjoy a nice California day.

The history of the house is a bit of a mystery, but we believe the house was built by chapter alumni for the chapter in the 1970s or 1980s. The chapter moved out years later, but the house once again became the chapter’s home when we began renting it from a local owner in 2011 and moved back in.

The residential kitchen is spacious and accompanied by a generous and open living area. It’s hard to say if the brothers spend more time in the courtyard or the backyard, but either way, there is no lack of outdoor space.

Front of House



Common 1

Common 2


The Basics

  • 10 Bedrooms – All Capable Of Being Doubles 
  • Several Single Bathrooms Throughout House
  • Residential Kitchen


  • Multi-Purpose Main Room
  • Communal Living Room
  • Generous Outdoor Space To Enjoy The California Weather
  • 18 Parking In A Dedicated Parking Lot
  • Free-Use Laundry